Dan Hinkson, President

Dan Hinkson always unselfishly gives of himself. This is evident in the way he executes his role as Owner and President of Sigma Contracting and in his personal life as well, as a husband and father. In 1983 he founded a successful business that has been able to weather tough times as well as good, allowing long term employees to make a living and enjoy all aspects of life. He has forged long-term relationships with many clients, and with his relationship with non-profit The Salvation Army helped create a legacy with the Ray & Joan Kroc Core Community Center in South Phoenix that will help thousands of families improve their lives for years to come.

Dan oversees the daily business operation for Sigma. He works with the business development team to obtain new projects and expand relationships. He is responsible for all of Sigma’s contract negotiations and serves as an owner’s liaison on Sigma construction projects. He is actively involved with various industry groups including Valley Partnership, the Arizona Association for Economic Development, Lambda Alpha International, ULI Arizona, and CRENAB.

Personally, he is most proud of being happily married for 40 years to the same woman, Melinda, whom he met in high school. Together they have raised three boys who have grown into accomplished adults and are great husbands and exceptional fathers. When he’s off the clock, Dan enjoys spending vacation time and quiet time with Melinda. He admits that he enjoys activities that create an adrenaline rush such as boating and jet skiing on Lake Powell, scuba and sky diving, snow skiing and baja race car driving. He enjoys traveling to new places and learning about new cultures. He plays some golf, mainly in charitable tournaments. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, and raised in St. Louis, Mo., he received college degrees from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Mo., and Arizona State University.

The best business advice he’s been given: “Live by the creed of the ‘True Gentleman.’ Stay focused on your overhead expenses and don’t buy it unless you can afford it and pay cash for it when you can. Don’t ever leverage yourself beyond your ability to get out of a bad situation. Be honest with others. Always pay attention to your money as no one else will like you will.”

The best business advice than Dan has shared: “Don’t do things beyond your means but always reach out beyond what you think your capabilities are. Always surround yourself with the right people. Always watch your own finances.”

“Don’t do things beyond your means but always reach out beyond what you think your capabilities are. Always surround yourself with the right people. Always watch your own finances.”
– Dan Hinkson

“There is absolutely no substitute for being proactive.”
– Jerry Patterson

Jerry Patterson, Vice President

Drive around the Valley, and the Southwest for that matter, and chances are you will encounter a commercial project that Jerry Patterson had a hand in building and managing. “Everywhere I drive I see buildings that I was part of the team that built it,” he says. He has been with Sigma almost since its inception, starting in its second year. In his role as Vice President, Jerry is involved in the overall business management and oversees the operational side of construction activities for Sigma Contracting.

A native of San Diego, Jerry was raised in Sedona, Arizona. And received his Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering from Arizona State University. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for 34 years. When he’s not out in the field, Jerry enjoys adventure sports, motorcycle riding, RV travel, hiking, traveling abroad, riding ATVs, and playing golf. He a huge fan of all things motorsports and college football.

What people might be surprised to know about Jerry: “I enjoy improving my cooking skills. I take classes and watch cooking-related TV shows. My techniques and skills are ever improving.”

The best business advice Jerry has been given: “A: Nobody watches your money like you do. B: If you do not have passion for what you do you will never be any good at it. C: Things rarely get better over time. Act now.”

The best business advice he’s shared: “There is absolutely no substitute for being proactive.”

In what does he take great pride: “Construction of our home.”

Melinda Hinkson, Owner/Secretary-Treasurer/Business Development-Marketing

As Owner/Secretary-Treasurer/Director of Business Development, Melinda Hinkson wears many hats at Sigma Contracting. Her visibility and mentoring of others in the Valley’s commercial real estate industry are what set her apart.

Melinda’s primary duty is to actively seek expansion of new projects through Sigma’s business development and marketing efforts. She possesses the ability to utilize her professional strengths across various industries and has done so in a successful career that spans more than 30 years.
She is active in numerous industry groups including the Arizona Association for Economic Development, AZCREW, CRENAB, Valley Partnership, and CoreNet Global Arizona.

The personal accomplishment of which she is most proud is raising a wonderfully connected and happy family and successfully working together with her husband Dan. Her devotion to family is exemplary. She and Dan met when she was 17. Melinda worked in hospital laboratories and on a trauma team to help put him through the Del Webb School at Arizona State University.

When she’s not attending an industry event or working at Sigma’s Scottsdale office, Melinda enjoys family activities, boating, scuba diving, skiing, and traveling. What people might be surprised to know about her: Melinda has quite a musical background. She used to play the violin and accordion, and played guitar and sang in her church choir.

Born in Farmington, Mo., and raised in St. Louis, Melinda earned a Bachelor of Science in medical technology.

The best business advice she’s been given: “Life is not a spectator sport – go for it. We all know that nothing ventured is absolutely nothing gained. Also, do unto others as you would have them do unto you is applicable to our business as well as our personal lives.”

The best business advice Melinda has shared: “Having been in a marketing/business development role for 30 years, I have been able to assist and mentor many others over the years. Like the advice I was given, I try to convey to take the risk and go for it, and never settle to be the spectator.”

“Having been in a marketing/business development role for 30 years, I have been able to assist and mentor many others over the years. Like the advice I was given, I try to convey to take the risk and go for it, and never settle to be the spectator.”
– Melinda Hinkson

“The understanding that if you see any issue or problem on a project, know that the client will see it as well.”
– Bill Santoro

Bill Santoro, Chief Estimator

Bill Santoro possesses more than 30 years of construction experience in his role as Chief Estimator, with 25 years at Sigma Contracting.

He has worked in various capacities including Field Supervision, Project Management and Estimating. Prior to joining the Sigma team Bill was owner of a concrete company. As a previous small business owner, he gained valuable experience that allows him a fuller understanding of business management and cost controls. This is valuable when contributing on biddability and constructability reviews.

Bill has applied this experience to his years at Sigma in both Project Management and Estimating. With his breadth of experience and various roles within the industry, Bill has a comprehensive understanding of the needs and intents of Sigma clients.

Bill possesses a great work ethic and diligence when reviewing documents uncovering any missing information or details, conflicts between the drawings and specifications, or any needed clarifications. He has a strong reputation for being fair and honest with subcontractors, which often leads to preferred pricing from that industry.

Bill was born in Sacramento, Calif., then moved numerous times as the child of a father in the military.

He is active with the American Society of Certified Professional Estimators. He received Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Nebraska. He also has completed numerous courses at the Construction Estimating Institute.

When he’s not reviewing documents, Bill enjoys traveling and taking part in family activities. Bill is also a numismatist, which means he collects coins.

The professional accomplishment of which he is most proud is when projects come in under budget and ahead of schedule.

The best business advice he has been given: “Before starting a construction project, always have a solid understanding of the client’s expectations.”

The best business advice Bill has to share: “The understanding that if you see any issue or problem on a project, know that the client will see it as well.”

That’s the voice of experience talking.

Nia Lugo, Estimating Coordinator

Born and raised in Phoenix AZ, Nia attended Alhambra High School locally.

Her primary duties at Sigma include downloading plans, sending out bid invitations to the appropriate experienced and qualified subcontractors in the sub-trades involved for each project, following up and reaching out for proposals, and providing full estimating administrative support to ensure a complete estimate for each project. When awarded the project, she helps facilitate the subcontract award process with the contracts, plans, proposals, directory information, coordinating with the subs and the project’s transition to our operations team in Project Management. She is currently active for Sigma in the American Subcontractors Association of Arizona and is looking forward to greater involvement in the industry.

Away from the office, Nia enjoys hanging with her family, playing volleyball, camping, dancing, singing, jazz music, and has a great affinity for makeup and the beauty it can accentuate. She is especially proud of raising her fabulous daughter, and her daughter’s recent acceptance into the Arizona School for the Arts.

The best advice she’s been given: “Always strive to be the best you can in your position”.

The best advice Nia shares: “Keep pushing and never give up”.

“Performance = ability x motivation x opportunity.”
– Sandy Jordan

Sandy Jordan, Assistant Project Manager

Sandy Jordan is driven by a competitive spirit, both in her professional role as Assistant Project Manager and personally as owner of a fighting arts school.

Sandy has been with the Sigma team for 17 years. As Assistant Project Manager for Sigma, Sandy is responsible for communicating with owners on matters related to billing, lien releases, and change orders. Additional duties include owner draws, processing subcontractor draws, and helping superintendents and project managers with a variety of project-related issues. She has created quite a reputation with clients in the industry for accurate and timely reports.

Sandy has been a martial arts school owner in the Chuck Norris System for 28 years and a 5th degree black belt.  She is also a 1st degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and a certified instructor in Krav Maga. In addition, she offers equestrian riding instruction with her horses.

A native of Colorado Springs, Colo., Sandy moved to Phoenix when she was 14. She earned a Bachelor of Science in environment agriculture resources. When she’s not in the office or the fight school, Sandy enjoys horseback riding and is a board member for the Wickenburg Saddle Club.

The best business advice she’s been given: “Limits exist only in the mind.”

The best business advice Sandy has shared: “Performance = ability x motivation x opportunity.”

John Russell, Sr. Project Manager

John brings over 23 years of experience to Sigma and a wealth of knowledge from his time spent as a project manager, field superintendent and an owner’s representative for a local firm that developed projects nationwide. As a Senior Project Manager for Sigma, John’s primary duties include contract management, quality assurance, collaborating with and overseeing other Sigma Project Managers, and scheduling with superintendents under his watch and managing the various changes involved in commercial construction projects.  In the past, John has acted as Project Executive and Primary Lead as well as Safety Policy and Procedures Manager with his previous employment.

As an Arizona resident, John was born in Tucson, Arizona and grew up in Pinetop, Arizona, and has lived in the Phoenix metropolitan area all of his adult life.  He and his wife Kim, have four boys, and he enjoys coaching youth basketball.  Outdoor activities are a big part of their lives, including camping, fishing, off-roading and hiking.

john russell

Denise Ballesteros, Assistant Project Manager

Denise is an Arizona native with a variety of interests and proficiencies. She is certified in OSHA, a Reiki Master Teacher and practices Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Her primary duties at Sigma include assisting the project managers with change orders, scheduling, answering owner and client questions, submittals, recording meeting minutes, onsite supervision when needed, procurement of subcontractor quotes, develop and distribute punch lists, and facilitate project documents into Procore. One of her favorite challenging accomplishments was completing a GSA- US Marshall office TI over three floors in a class A high rise building with high security measures, completing the project ahead of schedule.

When not busy working for Sigma, Denise enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and rappelling. She also enjoys time volunteering with St. Mary’s, Save the Children and Ryan’s House, and has enjoyed helping others through life coaching. Her favorite soulmate is her four-legged companion.

The best advice she’s been given: “Never take things personally”.

The best advice Denise shares: “Listen”.

Kathy Halliburton, Controller

A sense of family is important to Kathy Halliburton, who has served as Sigma Contacting’s Controller for 25 years. Personally, she takes great pride in having raised three sons. Professionally, she takes great pride in a 25-year career with the Sigma family.

“My time here at Sigma is about the best thing imaginable,” Kathy says. “We really are a family away from home.”
Born and raised in Phoenix, Kathy has her Associate’s degree in business has been active with various industry groups over the years to be able to stay current.

When not crunching numbers, Kathy enjoys hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

What people might be surprised to know about her: “On any clear, dark and moonless night, I enjoy navigating the heavens with our deep space telescope. You might say my husband is the pilot and I am the navigator.”

The best business advice she’s been given mirrors the best business advice she has shared: “Invest in Arizona real estate.”

“Invest in Arizona real estate.”
– Kathy Halliburton

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