Is there a listing of opportunities to bid with Sigma?2018-01-22T20:39:45+00:00

Yes, we update this daily. Contact us to see about being added our bidders list. Opportunities are typically found on the Virtual Plan Room sites such as: McGraw Hill, Dodge, Reed Construction Data, Bid Clerk and Blue Book. You may email us at bids@sigmacontracting.com.

Does a firm have to be certified as an M/S/W/BE business to work with Sigma?2018-01-22T20:40:53+00:00

It is not required; however, it can be helpful if a company is certified as an M/S/W/BE. There are times when certain projects require participation of qualifying subcontractors with these designations. If your firm meets these criteria and you can share this with us we will incorporate this information with file on your firm.

Is it possible to subcontract on multiple projects simultaneously with Sigma?2018-01-22T21:36:15+00:00

Absolutely. Based on the firm size and capabilities, it is possible to work on multiple projects simultaneously with Sigma. This is often determined by current workload, project schedules and knowing that your firm will be able to staff multiple projects at the same time.


How do I get on the Sigma bidders list?2018-01-23T18:33:32+00:00

To be placed on our bidders list please submit your company information on the prequalification form via the link below and found in our website under estimating@sigmacontracting.com. Or you can print a copy of the form and then via fax send it to our estimating department at our fax number; (602) 788-4577. Completed forms can be dropped off at our front desk or mailed to us.

We will start the vetting process and once your company is approved as a qualified bidder
we will notify you of your approval and you can then find out about upcoming bidding opportunities by visiting our on-site plan room or calling the office.

Once you are approved Invitations to Bid will be sent to you via fax or email.

Click here for Prequalification Forms

How do I obtain plans to bid a project?2018-01-23T16:33:12+00:00

There are several ways to obtain the plans and bidding documents from Sigma: If you are vetted and approved you can log into BidMail and obtain documents through there once an invite is sent out. We also use BlueBook and the other reporting companies to list projects we are working on. We can download documents and send them electronically through HighTail or DropBox as a resource to obtain those bidding documents.

Where do I send bids?2018-01-23T16:38:02+00:00

Send all bids to bids@sigmacontracting.com and your estimate will be directed to the appropriate estimating coordinator.

When and how do I obtain bid results?2018-01-23T16:40:52+00:00

Bid results are provided by the estimator who bid the project only. The bid results for the entire project are always given to us as dictated by the Owner’s schedule and at times they delay the sharing of this information with us. If you will send a list of projects you are inquiring about to bids@sigmacontracting.com the inquiry will be forwarded to our estimator and when they have information from the Owner to share the estimator will be able to provide bid results to you.


Do I have to use Sigma’s Pay Application?2018-01-23T16:43:07+00:00

Yes! We had to standardize the application for payment process to make it simple and easy for our staff which helps to expedite the overall process time. Click the link below to down load or fill out the standardized form.

You also must use standardized lien waivers which can be found on our web site.

View Forms

Who do I send a Pay Application to?2018-01-23T16:49:59+00:00

All pay applications need to be submitted to projectmanagement@sigmacontracting.com and need to be to our office by the 20th of each month and the percentage of completion needs to be projected to the end of the month, unless a project has other specific requirements.

How do I fill out the Pay Application?2018-01-23T16:51:44+00:00

The form should be self-explanatory but you will need to include the following information:

  3. PERIOD ENDING DATE – Usually this is the end of the month
  4. JOB NUMBER – The Sigma job number
  5. PAYMENT APPLICATION NUMBER – This is your number (example, your second draw request is 2)
  6. ORIGINAL CONTRACT SUM – Your original contract value
  7. % COMPLETE – This is the total percent of work you have completed to date
  8. WORK COMPLETED – Multiply the contract value by the percent complete
  9. APPROVED SIGMA C/O’S – List all approved change orders, if any, and calculate the percent complete of each change order
  10. REVISED CONTRACT AMOUT – Total of original contract plus approved change orders
  11. PENDING CHANGE ORDERS– List any change orders that you have issued to Sigma but have not received an approved written Sigma change order
    1. This helps us make sure we do not miss any of your pending change orders. They may or may not be paid with that application but they could be moved to an approved condition and paid if the work is completed
  13. LESS PREVIOUS PAYMENTS – Subtract what has previously been requested to date
  14. TOTAL DUE THIS APPLICATION – Subtract the retention and the previously requested payments from the Total Completed to Date
  16. FAX TO: 602-788-4577 attention Project Management or email to: projectmanagement@sigmacontracting.com

We do not require an original, a fax or email is all we require

What is my deadline for submitting Pay Applications?2018-01-23T17:00:05+00:00

The deadline for submitting a Pay Application is the 20th of each month (unless noted otherwise in your contract). Pay Applications must be received by the 20th of the month to be processed for that pay period.
a. In the event your payment application is received after the 20th deadline, your invoice will be processed the following month

When are Change Orders considered approved?2018-01-23T17:23:47+00:00

Internally, we do everything possible to expedite the process and obtain approvals on Change Orders. If there is a change order that is a back charge from one trade to another or if there is something that was omitted from the subcontract and is a legitimate change order, those will be processed very quickly as they do not require the project’s Ownership approval.

If a change order is being processed through the project’s Ownership then we all must wait until it goes through the formal acceptance of Sigma receiving a signed change order then Sigma issuing the subsequent subcontractor change orders.

Once a formal change order has been executed by Sigma and your firm you can then include it in the Pay Application process. Up until then it is considered pending.

If a subcontractor Change Order is not approved, do I put it on the Pay Application?2018-01-23T17:32:08+00:00

Yes! These should be included in the “Pending Change Order” section of the Pay Application. This will help to ensure that Project Management is fully aware of any pending change orders that might be out there.

How long does it take to get paid?2018-01-23T18:28:12+00:00

We pay within seven (7) days after receipt of payment from the Owner, per the Arizona Prompt Payment Act.

Most Owners strive to pay us in a timely manner so we in turn can release funding to the trades but some Owners don’t always make this happen for a variety of reasons. As such we have partnered with Contractor’s Capital Solutions (CCS) to provide an early payment option for our subcontractors. If you would like to investigate this in greater detail please go to the link listed below to establish an account with them. If this is a service of interest and you meet their requirements and establish an account you could have payments within 24 hours of a submitted and approved (by Sigma) pay application.

View Forms

Is there anything that could slow down my payment?2018-01-23T18:28:02+00:00

Yes! Sigma cannot release your first payment unless you have the following on file with us:
a. Signed Contract
b. Insurance Certificate(s)
c. Approved pay application

Other major delays on payments is typically caused by:
a. Late submittal of your pay application to Sigma
b. Lack of appropriate vendor and supplier lien waivers
c. Expired certificates of insurance
d. Incomplete project close out documents
e. Unsatisfactory work or workmanship that needs to be resolved or completed
f. Disputes between Sigma and your firm that are not fully resolved
g. Back charges that are not agreed upon

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