Thank you from Sigma & Horses Help!

We would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank those of you that responded to our request for financial donations for Horses Help. Every contribution helps this wonderful organization continue to move its expansion project forward, and as Horses Help is qualified as an Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit organization, donated dollars can go towards your personal Arizona state taxes.
All of us at Sigma Contracting are grateful for your support. No matter the size of the gift, the amount raised will go a long way in aiding those who benefit from the therapy they receive from Horses Help.
While not a large organization, Horses Help reaches a lot of families in need of this type of therapy. There are just three statewide accredited programs offering this type of therapy: one each in Tucson and Sierra Vista, and Horses Help in Phoenix. In addition, there are five other similar programs in Metro Phoenix.

They serve different populations, and most less than 30 students per week. None, however, provide the education, training, and certification for future therapists or offer all of the services provided by Horses Help.

With the existing limitations, all of the programs at Horses Help have long waiting lists of those who would benefit from this type of therapy. Horses Help serves more than 150 clients each week. A waiting list totals more than 200 people with more than 50 different disabilities.

Even though the proposed expansion plan would almost double the current capacity, there still will be more demand than could be met. Fortunately, it will also provide for the expansion of therapist training programs. Those currently being trained at Horses Help serve communities not only in Arizona but all over the nation. Our hope is to advance this highly-sought after therapy to help not only those in Metro Phoenix but also throughout the country.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generous support of current and ongoing efforts at Horses Help.

Horses Help Tax Credit Flyer