Horses Help Needs You!

I’d like to take a moment of your time and ask you to consider a favor. As many of you know, Lindsey Dierks was a former team member at Sigma Contracting 11 years ago. While on a family vacation, she was involved in a serious rollover car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. Lindsey will spend the rest of her life addressing the various disabilities she now has because of this injury.

During her recovery and rehabilitation process, she utilized the services offered through an organization called Horses Help to improve motor skills and balance, and to mitigate the ataxia while reinforcing her self-esteem. Lindsey has improved dramatically thanks in large part to the therapy received through this wonderful organization. Horses Help works with more than 50 different types of physical and mental disorders, increasing the quality of life for those impacted.

For the past five years, I have worked with Horses Help on a long-range expansion plan that would allow for increased ridership and training for new therapists that want to learn to help others living with various disabilities and physical limitations. I was recently invited to serve on the Horses Help board of directors and as a board member. My long-term goal is to help them grow their operation.

With the proposed expansion plan, Horses Help will continue to serve those in need like Lindsey. It will allow Horses Help to take its programs to the next level by increasing available hours to those in need and expand its training programs teaching others across the country to be consultants and therapists.

I am reaching out through our network to ask if you would consider writing a $100 check each month for the next three months to Horses Help. This funding will help push towards its upcoming capital campaign to allow this great organization to hire the staff it needs to implement the master plan for their expansion. This expansion will allow Horses Help to double its ridership and expand the training of new therapists. Currently they must turn down riders due to the limited amount of available riding time.

In addition, when the summer temperatures rise in the Valley, the 20-horse herd is moved to the Prescott area where the temperatures are somewhat cooler, but then their summer ridership programs stop. Part of the expansion plan is to construct a lighted and covered arena that will allow for shaded riding and longer hours, thereby giving rise to year-round programs to help those in serious need.

The $300 donation can be written off as a charitable contribution or possibly as a tax credit for those qualifying for such. Below is the link you can use to make a contribution and I personally thank you for considering this request. I know we all have causes near and dear to our hearts, I hope you have room to consider Horses Help in yours.

Thank you,

Dan Hinkson